Uhoo FAQ

How do I start using uHoo?
Plug your uHoo to a power outlet, download the uHoo app from the App Store or Play Store and create a user account. Login the uHoo app and follow the instructions to setup your uHoo.

Need detailed setup Instructions?  
Visit - https://uhooair.com/setupguide

Can I share the data with my family?
Absolutely! You can easily share the data with anyone in the family. They would need to create their own uHoo account using the uHoo app. Once they’ve created their accounts, login the app and select the uHoo that you would like to share, tap on the sharing page and then tap on add new user. Enter your family member’s email. Once they accept your invitation, they would be able to access your uHoo’s data.

Why is my VOC readings 0 after turning on my uHoo?
The uHoo unit needs to warm up first. The VOC reading will stay 0 for the first 30 minutes upon switching on.
My carbon dioxide readings seem to be high, is there something wrong with my uHoo?
Not necessarily. Usually, during the warm up period, carbon dioxide levels could be high, as the sensors are still in calibration. It should normalize after the warm up period.
My VOC readings suddenly jumped up all of a sudden, is my VOC sensor malfunctioning?
Not necessarily. Most times, when the VOC readings are high, it means that there is a significant amount of VOCs in the air. Did you recently use a hairspray, insecticide, or cleaning products? These can cause the VOC readings to be high.

Do I need to clean the uHoo monitor?
uHoo doesn’t need any maintenance. All you need to do is wipe it with a cloth or feather duster when you clean your home or office. Treat it like another one of your beautiful fixtures at home or in the office.

What are the factors that can affect the sensors?
We recommend placing the uHoo monitor in ideal locations: away from direct sunlight, air conditioner or fan, and heater or stove. As long as these locations are avoided, you can be sure that the readings will be accurate. Make sure to always update the app as well!

Are there parts that need to be replaced?
That’s the best thing about uHoo. There are no parts that need replacement. It’s designed to work seamlessly as one monitor that incorporates nine sensors.

How often should I updated the app?
We regularly release updates for the app to ensure the best possible experience and the most accurate readings.

How long will the uHoo monitor last before I need to replace it?
As long as you take good care of your uHoo monitor, it is expected to last up to five years. The monitor itself will continue to work longer than five years, but sensors will drift. Drift is a natural phenomenon, and it occurs to all sensors regardless of the brand. Since the sensors are exposed to air in order to get the readings, they are also exposed to airborne pollutants. It’s similar to the chandelier you have in the living room. It will continue to work even if some of the light bulbs have reached its lifespan. Unlike the chandelier wherein you can replace the bulbs, you won’t be able to replace the individual sensors of the uHoo monitor.

How often should I update the app?
We regularly release updates for the app to ensure the best possible experience and the most accurate readings.

What happens if I don’t update the app?
If you don’t update the app, you won’t get access to the improvements within the app. Please update the app as soon as there’s an alert.