About Us


Formac Products Pty. Ltd. (Est 1958) is the manufacturer and trade mark owner of AllergEnd Plus and DermaSheets. Formac is a specialist bedding innovator and after more than 60 years Formac still strives to push the boundaries of bedding technology utilising the most advanced technical fabrics.

Formac specialises in manufacturing healthcare, aged care and correctional bedding with an aim to solve the unique challenges each industry provides. Whether it be allergy, illness, injury, bed sore prevention, immobility or correctional/psychiatric applications, Formac has a market leading bedding solution.

All Formac products are manufactured on site in Burwood, Melbourne, Australia. Whilst not a retail outlet, customers are welcome to visit the factory and purchase direct.

As a long established Australian manufacturer, Formac wears the Australian Made campaign logo proudly.