AllergEnd Plus covers are simply the best protection available. 

 Exclusive Fabric Technology - 100% Cotton - MicroTight™ 3.7um barrier fabric
Proven Performance - Independently lab tested using actual dust mite allergens
Complete Barrier - Dust mites & mite allergens cannot pass through the covers
Filtered air flows though the fabric - 20.6 l/m air flow = Maximum cooling comfort
Natural, Chemical Free - Oeko-Tex Standard 100 - Certified chemical free cotton
No plastic coatings - Coated fabrics are hot and noisy - no air passes through them
Durable - 10 year service life - even when hot washed & tumble dried (8 weekly) 
4 Year Warranty - Backed by 60 year old Australian manufacturer
Completely Encased - Reinforced (YKK® Zip) mattress, pillow and quilt covers
Australian Made and Owned - Formac Products Pty Ltd,  Melbourne, Australia
Exclusive Innovations - The EasyCare Mattress System was created by AllergEnd
Class Leading -  MicroTight™ cotton fabric - benchmark performance and durability

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Over 25 years of Dust Mite Protector Manufacturing in Australia

AllergEnd Plus™ - The benchmark allergen barrier - Complete comfort with proven durability

AllergEnd Plus™ are specially designed, 100% cotton, fully encased and zippered bedding covers to protect and aid sufferers of dust mite allergy whilst allowing complete comfort and a peaceful allergy free sleep.

Clean, pure and uncontaminated. In reality, that's exactly how AllergEnd Plus™ protectors keep your mattress, pillow and quilt... clean and uncontaminated from dust, dust mites and their associated allergens.

The exclusive AllergEnd Plus™ cotton barrier fabric utilises the best weaving technology in the world to create the MicroTight™ allergen barrier fabric. The real innovation is in combining complete comfort, softness, quietness and true breathability with total dust mite protection.

AllergEnd Plus's exclusive MicroTight™ fabric has been tested by an Independent Laboratory using actual dust mite allergens. The lab tests conclude-  less than detectable amounts of actual house dust mite allergens can pass through the AllergEnd Plus™ fabric...even after years of hot washing and tumble drying. The zip up covers provide a complete barrier to dust, dust mites and associated allergens that can cause allergic symptoms among sufferers of asthma, rhinitis, eczema and other allergy related problems.

Chemical Free 

The 100% cotton AllergEnd Plus™ MicroTight™ fabric is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certified giving complete confidence it's free of harmful chemicals and making it safe for people with chemical sensitivities. AllergEnd Plus™ has no antimicrobial chemicals applied to the fabric that may be added to try and ward off dust mites. Think of the MicroTight™ covers as a natural, clean, comfortable, filter fabric. AllergEnd Plus™ covers filter out and stop house dust mite allergens form entering or exiting the bedding while keeping the allergy sufferer clean and comfortable. Free yourself of a dust mite allergy.


The most effective way to get rid of dust mites is with AllergEnd Plus dust mite covers.