"Äbsolutely love your product! My young son has a dust mite allergy and was waking up every morning with puffy eyes, runny nose, sneezing and coughing as well as waking several times in the night. We noticed a huge difference after the very first night he slept on the covers and his symptoms have now dissapeared in less than a week! He is also now sleeping through the night. Highly recommend AllergEnd dust mite bedding." 
L. Rodgers - Doreen, VIC

"I just wanted to say thank you for your amazing product and quick delivery.

Our 7 year old has been struggling with around the clock nasal congestion for months, poor sleep, red under eyes and we recently discussed enlarged tonsils. 

We were looking at tonsil/adenoid removal with an ENT and an allergist booked in for the new year but I don’t think will need to see anyone now that we have your covers! From the very first night he didn’t need the nasal steroid and I can’t actually believe how simple the solution was. 

I’ve now ordered some for other son and ourselves to hopefully help further with overall reduction in our home."

K. Ryan, North Sydney NSW

"It's been life changing. My son has a dust mite allergy and spent most nights itching before we bought this bedding. We've even taken it on holidays to NZ with us!"
C. Hellyar - Smythesdale, VIC
"Has helped with son's sinus issues due to dust mite allery."
L. Martino - Newton, SA
"I have been using this product since 2014 when my daughter was 2. She suffers from bad eczema and dust mite allergy and this product is amazing to help her condition".
S. Yu - East Lindfield, NSW
"My 5 year old son has allergies to dustmites and required regular nasonex to manage his symptoms but after purchasing the AllergEnd Plus bedding his symptoms have greatly improved and he no longer requires nasonex."
Lauren - Lenah Valley, TAS
"High quality, makes the bed feel like hotel bedding which is lovely. First night used and we didn't wake up with allergy symptoms! Excellent service too, very fast."
F. Williams - Hocking, WA
"Love your products!! Always have! They help us with our allergies enormously."
C. Camilleri - West Pennant Hills, NSW
"The bedding protection provides significant differences. It's good to finally be able to wake up without a runny nose or puffy eyes."
M. Wiradinata - Artoman, NSW
"I love the dust mite cover range. I'm not allergic to dust mites but I like to know that my bedding is as free as possible from pet dander, dust and all the chemicals that live on dust. Helps with allergic rhinitis too. Good product when living/staying in a very dusty area. ie. near freeways, very busy roads. Lovely quality.
Anon - Hamilton, VIC
"Seems to help our daughter with her dust mite allergy. Very much worth the effort and cost."
F. Panizza - Greenslopes, QLD
"Our new house had carpet in the bedroom. I woke up coughing for an hour each morning. I bought these as I was so frustrated. We already have an air purifier and robot vaccuum and wash everything in 60 degree plus water. I have stopped coughing since using pillow, quilt and mattress covers."
A. Stewart - Frankston, VIC
"I was not sure if your dust mite covers would be nice to use. My confidence had been shaken by other product's disappointing performance & functionality. I am delighted to say yours is great!
R. Ridley-Smith - Normanhurst, NSW
"Love It! Bought the Quilt cover, the Easycare Set and the Pillow Cover. I noticed my son's eczema calmed down within a couple of weeks"
M. Kaur - Kings Langley, NSW
"So far they are fantastic as my son is highly allergic to dust mites."
J. Warner - Maudsland, QLD
"We have been using your product for about 8 weeks and my husband's allergy symptoms have definitely improved."
A. Lever - Broadbeach Waters, QLD
"These products are excellent quality and feel comfortable for my son's heightened senses. We have noticed a difference already!"
L. Hundley - Leeming, WA
"Since using these products I've seen a reduction in my son's allergy symptons. I don't have to use as much medication at night time for symptoms. So pleased I was recommended these products."
E. Kempe - Bli Bli, QLD
"Second AllergEnd purchase because the first set helped my son and his allergy to dustmites."
M. Supan - Cherrybrook, NSW
"The bedding made such a big diference almost straight away! Paired with regular vacuuming & hot water washes our 2 year olds dermatitis has almost disappeared."
D. Warrington - Farmborough Heights, NSW
"It has already reduced my kid's eczema and rhinitis symptoms from a severe dust mite allergy."
N. Lee - Homebush, NSW
"It is unbelievable. My son had severe dust mite allergy and couldn't sleep at night. After using AllergEnd products, he sleeps much better. Thank you so much. Highly recommend."
J. Ang - Applecross, WA
"Seems to make some difference to my symptoms - Thankyou!
T. Von Behrens - Kingston, TAS
"We love that this is an Australian Company, made and owned. Friendly and very helpful staff. Fast delivery and a high quality product that works."
M. Quintal - Holsworthy, NSW
"Love your products. Been using for 10 years. Helps tremendously with dustmite allergy."
J. Balancio - Freshwater, NSW
"Our family has suffered from allergies and skin disorders. Using this product has assisted with dust mites and reduced the severity of our eczema."
R. Tran - Rowville, VIC
"Excellent product, well made." So happy to purchase Australian."
R. Plummer - Lawson, NSW
"Fabulous - from the first night I didn't wake up with a blocked and runny nose."
S. Graham - Killara, NSW
"The mattress cover has made a huge difference to my children's sleep. I need to save up for the pillow and doona covers."
C. Harvey - Diamond Creek, VIC
"The quality of the covers is amazing. I also love that it's all made in Australia. I'll definitely be purchasing more items."
B. Rogina - Neutral Bay, NSW
"I bought the mattress cover and pillow covers about twelve months ago. I have found them to be excellent quality and appear to work as advertised. I decided to buy the quilt cover too.''
E. Bennett - Wollongong, NSW
"My last sheets and covers from AllergEnd lasted 10 years, amazing quality and know these will last a long time!"
S. Woodland - Chipping Norton, NSW
"After one night with bedding covers and hot washed sheets my daughter's nose has stopped running! It's a miracle!!"
L. Williams - Chifley, ACT
"We've used the product for 1 week so far. It seems to have made a difference. Will consider buying again in the future."
H. Tran - Clarkson, WA
"Love them. Surprised by the high quality and every time I have emailed with questions I get a quick response."
C. Davies - Marrickville, NSW
"Definitely notice the difference!  Less sneezing and conjestion when the mattress cover, doona cover & pillow covers are all used together!"
C. Cummings - Huntleys Cove, NSW
"AWESOME! Changed her condition overnight. No more sneezing in the morning, life changing."
S. Hancock - Avalon Beach, NSW
"Bought covers10+ years ago. Replaced and now purchased pillows. Products are great and great info with them. Thanks."
J. Ryan - Kapunda, SA
"I've used your products before and have seen a dramatic reduction in my eczema."
S. Jarrett - St. Georges, SA
"I myself used Allergend products since a child for dust mite allergy and eczema. So, it was the natural choice to now use for my son, the products are great quality and long lasting."
C. Morse - Croydon, VIC
"Very excited cannot wait to use! My 12 year old son has suffered from being unable to breathe throug his nose for 8 years and we are now seeing an improvement.
M. Bull - Russell Island, QLD
"The packages came quickly and I was pleased to see changes in my son's allergies within a couple of days. I can't wait to see how well he will be within a month.
A. Baker - City Beach, WA
"Really noticed difference immediately (in reducing itching)".
C. Raynor - Healesville, VIC
"Excellent quality. Feels incredibly soft and luxurious. Super prompt delivery - ordered 30.03.20, delivered 1.04.20".
L. Townsend - Barrack Heights, NSW
"Have only used the protectors for a few weeks and already noticing a difference in my daughter's allergies."
D. D Amico-Ward - Russell Vale, NSW
"The products have helped my son get a better night sleep and seems to be sneezing less in the morning. Less runny nose in the morning."
S. Germano - Horsley, NSW
"So far, so good! Thanks :) My 11 month old suffers from severe eczema but it hasn't come back thankfully!"
H. Binyangi - Morphett Vale, SA
"Chose this product because it is 100% cotton (ie. biodegradable) and Australian made. The fabric adds an unexpectedly luxurious feel to the bed and is very effective. Now able to sleep all night, undisturbed, without medication."
J. Sheldrick - Richmond, VIC 
"Instant change to my son with his sneezing. Best thing we've done."
L. Kent - New Beith, QLD
"We noticed a change straight away to our son's sleeping. He is no longer waking conjested and sneezing."
T. Dries - Shell Cove, NSW
"Lovely product, good customer service, crisp 100% cotton, no synthetics, helps temperature and dust mite control, lots of sizes available.""
A. Forde - Manly, QLD
"We have the pillow covers and mattress cover and they are brilliant. Top quality cotton, fits well and now we wake up feeling much better, not stuffy nosed or headachy."
J. Barrett - Oakhurst, NSW
"We love it! Thanks!"
J. Capper - Parramatta, NSW
"Excellent - life changing, thank you."
K. McCurley - Kenthurst, NSW
"We've been using Allergend for over 2 years as our son has eczema and have found that it has helped his sleep with less irritation and itching."
J. Thai - Regents Park, NSW
"Happy. As an asthma and allergy sufferer I find I don't get either when in bed, the quilt cover works really well, thank you."
L. Brabin - Hastings, VIC
"Love them! Last for years."
E. Hodge - Aberdeen, NSW
"Using your products has helped my problem with Rhinitis (caused by being allergic to dust mites a lot). I cannot imagine not using Allergend's anti dust mite products."
D. Goh - Bull Creek, WA
"My allergy symptons have been noticeably reduced ever since I started using your products."
J. Lo - Oatley , NSW
"We are glad to have such a company that creates special care for conditions such as Eczema. This time our 2 year old son can sleep well in the night."
S. Platon - Oakhurst, NSW
"The mattress protector and pillow protectors really work. We noticed a change from the first night - our symptoms improved by about 75% which is great."
A. Jones - Putney, NSW 
"Seems to be working well. The skin condition is improved."
S. Jacob - North Ryde, NSW
"Have been using these for years & love them".
P. Trachanas - Beverly Hills, NSW
"Have not been able to lay down since 2010 because it gives me a severe sinus headache. Big imrpovement since getting the pillow, quilt and mattress covers. Thank you."
S. Batt - Baldivis, WA 
"Wonderful service, thank you."
K. Brown - Queanbeyan, NSW
"Product quality is of high standard."
S. Seymour - Shanes Park, NSW
"The mattress protectors are extremely comfortable but most importantly have been instrumental in my allergies reducing considerably."
M. Koster - Montrose, VIC
"Have seen a reduction in my son's hayfever since using your bedding products."
E. Dyce - Sale, VIC
"It's fantastic! I've noticed less eczema and sneezing."
E. Doan - Homebush, SYD
"I have found your products to be very helpful with helping to reduce my asthma symptoms. They are easy to use and feel nice. With easy instructions."
L. Jones - Beechboro, WA
"Satisfied so far."
S. Adikari - Glen Waverley, VIC
"I loved my old AllergEnd doona cover so when I upgraded to a bigger bed, it was the first thing I got!"
E. McElhinney - Seaford, VIC "

"Have been meaning to contact you for a while. Your products are fantastic, high quality and they work!! Very happy with our purchase of 2 mattress protectors and a doona cover, thank you for giving us our sleep back."

R. Kenny - Caloundra, QLD" 

"I have been having more restful sleeps and not waking up during the night from Asthma or Allergies. The fabric feels nice, soft and cool and the fit was spot on".
V. Tonkoska, Ununderra, NSW
"Seems to help with breathing and dust mite allergies."
L. Huynh - Westmead, NSW
"My son (2 yrs) was diagnosed with a dust mite allergy. Within two nights of using AllergEnd on pillows, quilt and mattress I noticed a huge improvement in his breathing whilst sleeping!
K. Welch - Freemans Beach, NSW
"I orginally purchased dust mite covers for mattress and pillows. After seeing an Allergy specialist she told me about fitted sheet and quilt cover. It has stopped the allergy attacks."
L. Edwards - Fairlight, NSW
"It is still early days but so far it appears to have helped. Son is sleeping much better. So happy to have found an Aussie made and owned product."
R. Fehsler - Warnambool, VIC 
"Still a new purchase - pillow cases are great and doona cover."
B. Dowling - Lennox Head, NSW
"I have been using your products for the last 20 years. Great products and helpful for my daughter;s eczema and dust mite allergy."
J. Wang - Sydney, NSW
"Very good. Definitely felt an improvement in my sinus problems."
J. Haynes - York, WA 
"Bedroom feels "fresh" like it's dust free.
J. Nacion - Hampton, VIC
"Great products."
B. Dowling - Lennox Head, NSW
"Love that it is 100% cotton, love that it is made in Australia, appreciate the easy communication, appreciate the prompt delivery."
A. Napolitano - Lalor Park, NSW
"Delivery in less than 24 hours!! Thank you." 
A. Clarke - Adamstown, NSW
"Very good quality. Within 1 week our son stopped itching, sneezing and having a runny nose! He is sleeping through the night and we coouldn't be happier. An excellent product and worth the initial outlay. Highly recommended."
L. Kazda - Eagleby, QLD
"Fantastic products. Great sense of relief."
W. Hayden - Springfield, QLD
"Very prompt service, ordered one day, delivered the next. Reception was patient, understanding and very informative regards the product.Thank you."
K. McWilliam - Newborough, VIC
"Have worked very well over the 10 years I've used the product."
S. Burns - Williamstown, VIC
"Amazing - our boys' allergies have improved!
M. Rae - Ransome, QLD 
"This is the third mattress cover I have purchased, it has made a big difference to the eczema on my legs."
E. Zahradink - Glebe, NSW 
"I have used AllergEnd products since my children were young and I have been very happy in how they have helped my daughter's eczema and my son's
"The AllergEnd Plus Dust Mite covers are excellent. They are good quality and fit neatly over the mattress and pillows. They have definitely assisted in my asthma management."
G. Doust - Boambee, NSW
"AMAZING PRODUCT!!! After one week of using I am sleeping through the night and not waking with asthma, sneezing or burning eyes."
K. Innocente - Lane Cove, NSW
"Only been on my daughter's bed for 3 nights but she is already sleeping better!"
J. Khawly - Glenwood, NSW
"Amazing product!! Noticed the difference with skin/Eczema within a week! Thank you!!"
B. Hales - Worongary, QLD
"It's made a difference to my life."
W. Hay - Kendall, NSW 
"My son is off the scale allergic to dust mites. Since using your products his sneezing and level of congestion has significantly improved".
N. Barnes - Woolgoolga, NSW
"It is helping a lot."
R. Sandhu - Kallanur, QLD
" Quality product. Lightning fast postage. They have given me the most wonderful sleep without dust mites. Thank you."
N. Williamson - North Lakes, QLD
"Using the dust mite covers definitely reduces our family's allergy symptoms. We highly recommend AllergEnd."
N. Barton - Hornsby, NSW
"Very good."
B. Steele - Petersham, NSW
"Since I purchased AllergEnd sheets and with a combination of creams my daughter's eczema has cleared up."
K. Nammour - Erskine Park, NSW    
" I bought for my son's bed. The covers feel much softer than I thought they would.I got the Easycare set and love how easy it is."
T. Schiller - Victor Harbor, SA
"They have been on my bed for 2 nights & it has been the best 2 nights sleep I have had in months."
B. Driscoll - Seaford, VIC
" Very fast delivery. High quality product. Our daughter is allergic to dust mites and has had very unsttled sleep. We have our fingers crossed that this product will help."
S. Zestic - Seven Hills, NSW
" Love your products, 1st bought a mattress protector years ago and it's only just worn out! They are easy fit, easy clean."
Mrs B. Elmer - East Devonport, TAS
"We initially purchased just the pillow case but then purchased the mattress cover, doona/quilt cover and another pillow case (due to the package of three providing us with free postage). We have literally seen a difference overnight. Our son used to wake every monrning with a sneezing fit. Since placing all three items on his bed. there has been NO sneezing from him." 
" We have been extremely pleased with the products we've bought years ago - mattress cover, doona cover and pillow covers x 4. The new fitted sheet is just wonderful - as the mattress cover is difficult to change."
L. May - Kyneton, VIC
J. Kelly - Girraween, NSW
"Feels soft, fits well, arriving amazingly quick."
S. Warburton - Fairy Meadow, NSW
"Beautiful high quality cotton - good fit"
K. Simpson - Beacon Hill, NSW
"My son sleeps easier, bed is more comfortable with mattress protector, dust mite allergy has reduced (don't blow nose as much) - although, summer will be a test to see how my son goes with his allergy."
A. Medvidovic - Baulkham Hills, NSW
"Have already noticed an improvement in symptoms after only two and a half weeks."
D. Bishop - Berry, NSW
"Previously purchased sheets 6 years ago for my son. Purchased these new sheets for me. Had amazing results with these sheets for my son. Hoping for the same with myself."
N. Bartram - Greenbank, QLD
"Great so far. My sons sleep has improved markedly."
S. Jerdan - Fairfield, QLD
"After 8 weeks we have noticed a reduction in congestion and better quality of sleep."
D. Potter - Dee Why, NSW
"Amazing service, ordered in on a Wednesday morning, arrived at our house, in another country by C.O.B. Friday. Really great!
S & M Burroughs - Springvale, NZ
"Fantastic, I breathe better now!"
C. Hill - Gough's Bay, VIC 
"I am glad that there is a product that can reduce my son's exposure to dust mites and potentially reduce his need for medication"
L. Whitemarsh - Canterbury, VIC
"Had for approx 2 months and had good results with dust mite allergies."
K. Hopkins - Aspley, QLD
"Very fast delivery - impressive!"
A. Brown - Edensor Park, NSW 
"My 4 month old twin boys were up all night crying and scratching due to their eczema. First night using AllergEnd and they slept all night. Such a relief."
M. Khano - Bossley Park, NSW
"We noticed an immediate improvement in our daughter's rhinitis. She is no longer sneezing in the morning and less reliant on antihistamines."
A. Cooper - Mt Crosby, QLD
"Both humans & our dog slept soundly first night we used it. No more puffy eyes and congestion. Originally bought for highly allergic pup."
B. Pope - Pearsall, WA
"Have noticed an improvement in my dust mite allergies. Feeling much better."
G. Hunt - Rochedale, SA
"After my son's diagnosis of allergies, it has made such a difference. My daughter is now showing signs of allergy so I know exactly where to go. Wonderful products. Have recommended to family and friends."
N. Spoljaric - Narrabeen, NSW
"Like the products. This is our second purchase of pillow, doona and mattress cover."
M. Goh - Pymble, NSW
"Seems to have really alleviated sneezing problems".
A. Blasenstein - Bondi, NSW
"High quality product, very impressed. Symptons are reduced significantly."
E. Storey - Gledswood Hills, NSW 
"I like that it is 100% cotton, not with waterproofing as I have used products as such and they are too hot to sleep on,"
L. Aylmer - Sandy Beach, NSW
"Very pleased with product quality and customer service."
D. Eggenhuzen - Marayong, NSW
"My son instantly felt better after sleeping with the mattress cover, fitted sheet and pillow case. Less blocked in the nose and better rested. Thanks!"
A. Mphande - Bedford, WA
"Have been using for 2 weeks now + significant relief from my allergies to dustmites. I'm actually amazed."
A. Heffernan - Burleigh Waters, QLD
"Very happy with EasyCare set. My asthma has improved resulting in lowering preventative dosage. No dust under bed."
J. Williams - Golden Grove, SA
"This is the second one I have purchased since 2014 and they are the best!"
J. Gauhan - Whyalla, SA
"Too soon only been on bed one day. Very impressed with the prompt delivery."
J. Matheson - Cooroibah, QLD
"Very happy with AllergEnd Plus, my daughter's (skin) eczema cleared after just 1 week of use. Wish I'd known about this product earlier."
C. Zamora - Blacktown, NSW
"Good results".
R. Lardelli - Lennox Head, NSW
"Love the fabric. Grandson stated - best night's sleep in months."
K. Pitt - Cherrybrook, NSW
"Good quality product. Seems to be worth the expense."
M. Daoud - Holland Park West, QLD
"The covers are very comforatable - they don't feel like plastic at all. Rhinitis improved on first nights use."
M. Bartley - Narara, NSW
"Previously my son used cot sized, now he is a single bed and it worked wonders! Fixed his skin quick. VERY HAPPY."
K Bartolo - Carnes Hill, NSW
"In every way your products provided the relief we were hoping for our 3 year old daughter - thankyou!!
L. Craven - Brunswick East, VIC
"Good fit. Only 5 days in - so far so good!"
K. Warta - Stanmore, NSW
"Less sneezy, watery eyes etc the first morning I woke up after using AllergEnd!!"
C. Young -  Monterey, NSW
"We have been using the cover for 2 1/2 weeks now. Skin itchiness seems to have subsided."
T. Hirschfeld - Cairns, QLD
"Excellent informative website with detailed presentation of products. Easy ordering and prompt delivery of goods. After delivery a telephone enquiry was handled in a friendly and professional manner."
M. Kalas - Rosebery, NSW
"Allergend has been great to deal with. The product looks like fabulous high quality. My son's blocked nose has cleared up already."
K. Jorss - Highgate Hill, QLD
"Amazing - Even just after onhe night!!!"
R. Dodhia - Bilgola, NSW
"2 nights - no coughing - hooray!"
S. Irwin - Samford, QLD
"These products have made an enormous difference to our daughter's eczema. We carry them on holidays and have in all bedrooms. So worth it!"
H Chaffey - Australia
"Only had a short time but already sleeping better. No itching and less sneezing."
V. Thomson - Kelmscott, WA
"Great product!"
S. Cornwell - Annandale, QLD
"Great, quality products."
S. Swift - Llanarth, NSW
"We've used your products for the whole household for years now (would not use any other) as recommended by hospital."
C. Gray - Wyoming, NSW
"Excellent service! Products arrived to rural WA the next day!"
K. Ashby - Bunbury, WA
"We have used these products for years to assist in lowering the effects of dustmites - excellent!
J. Missen - Koroit, VIC
"Ordering was simple & easy & delivery very prompt. Material looks & feels great - now in use and awaiting results."
L. Kim - McMahons Point, NSW
"Allergy to dustmites, definitely noticed a difference within a couple of days. No more wheezing and sneezing fits."
G. Zuidema - Cranbourne North, VIC
"It's been only a week to comment on the products but the prompt service was great."
K. Williams, Kelmslott, WA
"Seem good quality. Very happy so far. Nice material."
S. Tilley, Halls Head, WA
"Abby's skin seems much better since using your bedding to combat her Dust mite allergy. Remarkedly better."
D. Bake - Heritage Park, QLD
"Products fitted well and I have seen improvements in my health since using the covers. 87yrs"
B. Jolly - Westleigh, NSW 
"No runny nose immediately after use".
C. Itaya - Sydney, NSW
"I'm looking forward to the differences it will make for my daughter. Staff helpful, friendly and informative. Love cotton feel of the product."
K. Chenoweth - Lilydale, VIC
"A good investment for a top sleep."
J. Brown - Concord, NSW
"My extreme allergic reaction has certainly subsided, but I still sound rather wheezy at times. I am very satisfied with your products."
L. Ryan - Drouin, VIC
"Excellent results - found improvements in condition from day one - should have bought this sooner."
G. A - Kirribilli, NSW
"2 years ago we invested in close to $2000.00 worth of AllergEnd products to cover every mattress, quilt and pillow for our family of 5 because our twin sons suffered severely with chronic dermatitis. It was so bad it looked as though they had third degree burns. The use of AllergEnd bedding along with a long list of other measures we undertake daily to maintain healthy, eczema free skin has been a God send. An expensive measure but 100% worth it when it comes to our children & their health and comfort."
T. Hemmings - Erskine Park, NSW 
"Excellent quality and feel. Previously had different brand - this more superior and more durable."
B. Popp - Mackay MC, QLD
"Very satisfied, good quality, haven't woken up with allergies since, my watery eyes are long gone."
S. Ibrahim - Marrickville, NSW
"Only one week and already a reduced need for medication - much less sneezing and runny nose."
S. O'Keefe - East Doncaster, VIC
"This is the second set of sheets. They provided me with immediate relief! I noticed when I got my new bed and all my symptoms returned immediately."
K. Sakelaropoulos - Laverton, VIC
"Really happy with the products! Have been able to reduce my allergy medications with the use of Allergend products."
J. Kemp - Lynton, SA
"I have suffered allergies my whole life. My first nights sleep using AllergEnd was the best nights sleep I've had in years! I've reduced my antihistamine intake and don't wake up throughout the night to put drops in my eyes. This product has already significantly changed my life. Thank you."
D. Kordakus - Elwood, VIC
"Have used them for approximately one month along with other forms of dust control and have noticed a difference."
R. White - Red Rock, NSW
"Satisfied with them. Our son sleeps better at night."
M. Craig - Greenslopes, QLD
"AllergEnd sheets and pillow cases are very good quality. They give good assistance with managing our kids allergies."
S. Walker - Killara, NSW
"I have stopped itching & scratching at night now."
D. Gilmore - Upper Coomera, QLD
"As a paraplegic, I have been a long term sufferer of pressure sores with angry, red looking skin that is prone to breakdown. After only 4 days of sleeping on your Dermasheet, the redness of my skin has completely disappeared, and the general condition of my skin is looking a lot healthier. I wish i had found your sheets much earlier. I can't thank you enough." 
L. Rouse - Kent, UK
"My son has a dust mite allergy and within a few days I've already noticed he appears to be waking less tired, less snuffly and he also says he just feels better himself."
E. Elvy - Paddington, NSW
"REALLY LIKE IT. After using this my daughter's symptoms reduced."
T. Bali - Kellyville, NSW
"What a brilliant product to help me get a great sleep and reduce my asthma."
K. Reitano - Wellington Point, WA
"During my last episode of eczema (which was infected) I was in absolute agony and exhausted from lack of sleep. I resorted to lying on a thin washed out towel on the floor for days to get some sort of relief and bacame very anxious, which does not help the healing process. Seeing my desperation a friend recommended Dermasheets sheets and pillowcases. When I felt the silky and cool texture I could not wait to try them out. I fell asleep instantly! They cooled my skin as I was overheated from eczema and did not stick to my body. As a bonus - the sheets are so easy to wash they are as white as white yet again with no extra work - just straight into the machine.  I love them! I would highly recommend them to anyone who suffers with a condition similar or worse to mine. they have been life saving!"
J. Macak - Hawthorn, VIC
"My daughter completely revamped her house and bought your products - the result - a huge improvment to my grandson's eczema."
K. Russo - Violet Town, VIC
"My little girl's eczema has now gone!"
C. WIlliams - Carina, QLD
"It has been really good - by following the direction above (on the warranty registration form) we have had no symptoms since getting it."
B. & G. Geeves - Glenorchy, TAS
"Wonderful quick delivery. Dermasheets already feel comfortable for my husbands skin. Hoping they give him long term relief."
M. Sam - Horsnby, NSW
"Product effective. Service outstanding by maufacturers and office people. Thank you."
C. Gelmi - Quairading, WA
"So far so good!! Having the mattress and pillow covers has reduced our daughters allergy symptoms so much it's hard to believe it!"
S. Jarrett - Idalia, QLD
"Awesome products."
T. Creighton, Canning Vale, WA
"It has helped my husband to sleep better at night which means I get a good night sleep too."
R. Vella - Glenmore Park, NSW
" I am very impressed with these products which have made a huge difference from day one. I would highly recommend them."
L. Wagstaff - Lynbrook, VIC
"Prompt delivery, quality product, seems to be working so far!"
J Nathan - Richmond, VIC
"The purchase and delivery was efficient and fast. Very recommendable."
P. O'Donoghue - Kensington, VIC
"Good service and helpful. Seems a very good product."
M. Kamp - Ivanhoe, VIC
"Since using the AllergEnd mattress and pillow covers I have noticed a reduction in the allergic rhinitis and also the related Meniere's symptoms. Thank you!"
J. Flynn - Elanora, QLD
"Itching in bed significantly reduced."
S. Eggleton - Hawthorn East, VIC
"Seems to have improved my symptoms after one week and I will be recommending these products."
D. Camp - Moonee Ponds, VIC
"Great to have products made in Australia that are allergy free and easy to launder. Thank you."
L. Elliott - Doncaster East, VIC
"I now experience less coughing and sneezing and my nose is less runny. I have an allergy to dust and dust mite. My asthma and rhinitis are especially better."
A. Carmichael - Strathfield, NSW
"The products arrived promptly. My son has been using these and has reported a significant improvement in his sleep patterns and need of asthma medication."
J. Porter - Figtree, NSW
" Fantastic product. Will never use another brand again."
T. Viduka - Berwick, VIC
"I am very pleased with your service, I got my orders (including the made to order item) in 2 days. Your products look great, hope they help managing my allergy."
E. Kramlik - Castle Hill, NSW
"So far so good, less snuffly in the morning, all items fit well (Mattress, duvet, pillows). Never knew I was so allergic to dust mites!"
S. Muller - Ashfield, NSW
"We are very happy with it, we have been struggling with our son's dust mite allergies, since we have used these he has been sleeping well."
R. Raina - Quakers Hill, NSW
"Apart from the exceptional quailty, I love that they are 100% cotton. They feel lovely, just lke bed sheets."
S. Leslie - Berowra, NSW
"I do not cough all night now."
L. Woods - Riverwood, NSW
"They are such good quality & soft! My daughter has said it makes a difference already to her sleeping. Love that you are Australian made & owned - it influenced my decision."
M. Robinson - Elermore Vale, NSW
"I was impressed with how quickly the products arrived. They are easy to use, fit perfectly. Looking forward to my son breathing easier."
K. Barnes - Figtree, NSW
"Have only had it for two weeks but have seen a dramatic improvement for son with dust mite allergy."
W. Poyser - Forestville, NSW
"Very happy with my puchases and I have noticed my allergies in the morning have improved since the purchase of the bed linen."
S. Duffell - Sale, VIC

"Matthew has suffered for 3 years with eczema and I never really believed dust mites could be the problem until we put the protectors on his mattress and pillow - WOW! What a difference. I feel terrible I did not do it sooner. Message to any parent who has been told their child's eczema will improve if dust mites are eliminated/minimised - Believe it! and act TODAY! Thanks"
N Williams - Ashbury, NSW 

“Absolutely wonderful, 99% improvement in my asthma."
B. Tohver – Rostrevor, SA

"Excellent quality. Has made a real difference.
T.  Mansted – Wilsons Creek, NSW

"My daughter's eczema has had a HUGE improvement since using AllergEnd bed covers etc."

E. Elkins - Hendra, QLD

"My 2 year old was diagnosed with dust mite allergy and had a very persitant, irritating rash for years. After purchasing the plus covers within a week her rash started to ease and is barely there now."

S. McCarty - South Penrith, NSW

"Excellent results within 2 days, sleeping better, all symptoms better, worth every penny."

D, Owens - Melton South, VIC

"We love it and have used the products for 10+ years."

S. Hazar - Kooyong, VIC

"I wish my doctor had suggested this earlier! I'll tell her! This has totally changed my life! (Seriously!) I used to find it hard to breathe in bed and would wake up congested, with dry eys and sinusitus. I was very sleepy in the morning before AllergEnd covers made an amazing difference! We really like the feel of the covers on the bed too. Really happy! THANKYOU!! I wish I'd done this sooner! I'd seen an ENT and my doctor would keep prescribing steroid sprays. Finally, this is the solution! Sweet relief!!"

F. Druitt - East Melbourne, VIC

"Only after a few days my son has stopped scratching in bed. Skin healing. Great product."

L. Hardman - Lal Lal, VIC

"Try these for our son's allergy for Dust mite. He had improve so much. No more block nose since using them." 

A. Ong - Canningvale, WA

"Too early to say yet but quality seems great, service speed excellent! - Update - morning symptoms definitely improved!"

J. Eton - Mosman Park, WA

"So far we have had a big improvement in allergy reaction to dust mites and it's only been on the bed for 5 nights, giving us a better overall sleep."

S. Butler - Coogee, WA

"We found the products really helped our son's eczema."

S, Heyman

"There's a lot less sneezing sinze we got the new covers."

J. Christie - Stirling, ACT

"It's only been a few days since receiving & trying the AllergEnd products but already I have noticed a reduction in my child's noisy sleeping & restlessness. Hooray."

S. Jackson - Elsternwick, VIC

"Fantastic products with absolutely incredible customer service. The best service I have ever received from an Australian company."

K. Baksa - Buderim, QLD

"Thanks to your products our lives have been easier, especially since my child has been sleeping much better."

K. Dell'Anna-Tsironis - Camberwell, VIC

"For years your products have helped improve my family's health and quality of life."

K. Dell'Anna-Tsironis - Camberwell, VIC

"Very good quality. My son's almost symptom free since your protective bedding was purchased. Thank you!"

E. Smith - Merriwa, WA

"Very prompt delivery! Has stopped the constantly snotty nose. For the first time in his life, my son is saying "What is that smell?"."

R. & C. Earley - Stirling, SA

"Great quality product. Very helpful whenI phoned to order. Staff had great product/ dust allergy knowledge."

J. Donovan - Lilyfield, NSW

"I had tried a cheaper brand but the fabric was terrible and the quilt kept slipping inside the cover. Yours are great."

L. Stam - Crafers West, SA

"Having just purchased it, it looks& feels excellent & quality is impressive. Big factor in our purchasing it was that it is AUSTRALIAN!"

D. Restuccia - Epping, NSW

"The product is fantastic and has had an immediate impact on her eczema."

P. Jamieson - Oyster Bay, NSW

"Very useful product, it definitely helps."

L. Ng - North Rocks, NSW

"The quality of products and service is refreshingly good!"

Mrs J. Burrows - Coolangatta, QLD

"Made a difference first night".

R. Power - Kaleen, ACT

"We love them!"

B. Crawfoot - Aberdeen, NSW

"We have bought the range for our three year old son who has had duct mite allergys and eczema. It's been on for about a week and we have noticed a big improvement to his skin, itching and behaviour!"

T. Shaw - Pitt Town, NSW 


"I have been diagnosed with MS in January 2011. One of the many symptoms of MS is not being able to regulate your body temperature. The medication I am taking also can cause a fever. This means that at times perspiration runs down my back at night. This often happens all year round no matter what the season is summer or winter. I wake during the night around 8 times having to move to a cooler spot on the bed. Waking so many times during the night leaves me fatigued the next day inhibits the cognitive functions of my brain therefore not able to work or function very well the next day.

I recently purchased the DermaSheets sight unseen in desperation to find something that would assist me to regulate my body temperature whilst I sleep. The sheets are soft and cooling against my skin. The fitted sheets have a thick quality elastic to ensure that they fit snuggly to the bed that I have not seen before. Putting the sheets on the bed I could see the nicely sewn seems.

I also sleep on a cooling mat that has a gel type substance in it and is nice a cool at first then heats up to my body temperature and then becomes warm and ineffective. I now store a gel pack in the freezer and lay the frozen gel pack on the cooling mat to cool it and leave the gel pack on another spot of the cooling mat to cool. I then sleep on the first cold spot for a while until it gets hot then move to the second cold spot and sleep some more. I do this all night. I cannot recommend these cooling sheets enough to others with body temperature issues. These DermaSheets have saved me enabling me to get a good nights sleep and therefore function the next day."

S. Gibson - Hampton Park, VIC

"I purchased one set for my Daughter last week, she suffers from Eczema.I wanted to see if these helped her before purchasing more.They are great and her skin is much better and her scratching reduced I would like to get another set."
J. Sacdpraseuth

More than happy with this high quality product and service."
Mrs. Adams – NSW

"Great website – clear. So far no sneezing this morning."
D. Farrelly – Frenchs Forest,  NSW

"Great product.. My daughter’s eczema improved drastically after sleeping on this product. Peace of mind for both myself and my husband. She sleeps better and we all have a better nights rest.  A very happy returning customer."
Canny – Bayswater, VIC

"Has made a huge difference – breathing much easier."
L. Sims – East Ballina, NSW

"Fantastic - Noticed and improvement immediately."
T. Betts - 
Nhulunbuy, NT

"Thank you so much for the quick service & now my son sleeps all night - no more itching at night - Hooray!"
L. Owen - Narara, NSW.

"Since using the dust mite covers (& medication - creams) toddler has not scratched once through the night."
T. Davenport - West Ryde, NSW.

"Since using AllergEnd dust mite covers our 3 1/2 year old's asthma and rhinitis has subsided considerably."
D. Holborow - Ringwood North, VIC.

"My wife & I would sincerely like to thank you for solving our little boy Hudson’s Chronic Eczema condition. We had tried all kind of lotions and potions even altering his diet, however, the turning point was when we tried your new DermaSheets. Due to the improvement in his skin condition Hudson is less irritated and now sleeps right through the night providing the family with sleep that we all so dearly needed."
Mr P Holm - East Malvern, VIC

"Products are a lifesaver. I can now have a good nights sleep!"
P. Ziakas - Nth Brighton, VIC

"After having just used the covers for the first night I can already see an improvement with my son's itching. Usually I can wipe up a heap of his skin from his sheets from scratching - not this morning - not one bit of skin found. Thank you."
T. Flynn - Kellyville Ridge, NSW.

"Fantastic - very easy to fit, soft fabric, huge improvement in my symptoms!
J. Wise - Kings Meadows, TAS

"As we have had covers for a few months, we have noticed a big difference in our daughter. She does not sneeze constantly in the morning and is feeling better. Great!"
D. Lindsell - Berowra, NSW

"I'm having a much better sleep. My bed is staying neat and I don't get irritated. Thank you."
K. Skene - Mullumbimby, NSW

"Excellent service, ordered AM 8/9 arrived Kangaroo Island AM next day, as for dust mite control will have to wait and see."
T. Harris - Kingscote, SA

"I purchased these for my daughter who suffers from various allergies and eczema. The difference is fantastic - very impressed."
S. Flowers - Cooma, NSW

"We noticed a marked improvement to our childs eczema once removing the carpet and using your bedding products." 
A. Chanhan - Glenmore Park, NSW

"Excellent quality, great improvement."
J. Callanan - Beaumaris, VIC

"My son is sleeping a lot better with AllergEnd doona and pillow covers, interesting to see how well he sleeps with the mattress cover."
K. Fisher - Atwell, WA

"We have used your products for about a year and have found it very helpful with dust mite eczema."
P. Svasti - Mermaid Waters, QLD

"We purchased dust mite mattress & pillow protectors some years ago. They are an excellent product."
K. Miller - Avalon, VIC

"We have had great success with our child's dust mite allergy since using the sheets. They work!"
S. Johnson - Bellingen, NSW

"I have sever dust mite allergies and I have had an instant and significant reduction in eczema, especially on my back."
S. Cusack - Kew, VIC

"We have only used the products for one night and already noticed a difference in our sleep. Thank you!"
L. Silver - Oyster Bay, NSW

"So far has significantly improved my 15 month old daughter's sleeping - previously coughed and woke regularly (3-4 times) a night."
G. Pither - Willoughby, NSW

"My daughter has an allergy to dust mites. As soon as we put mattress cover on her cot mattress we saw a huge difference in her skin within a matter of days."
K. Lazzarini - Terrigal, NSW

"Unbelievable! The bedding protection made an immediate difference - less sneezing & reduced swelling under the eyes. I have highly recommended it to friends."
K. Girdler - Avalon Beach, NSW

"Absolutely fantastic, our 6 year old son was diagnosed with chronic vernal kerato conjunctivitis, we have tried everything but the best result is AllergEnd Bed Covers. They have made an extreme difference and worth 1000 times the price for the health of our sons eyes. They have been a God send."
N. Treasure - Paddington, QLD

"Super fast delivery. Noticed improvement within a week, our son’s eczema is really clearing up."
L. Kauffmann - Blaxland, NSW

"After many sleepless nights spent sneezing, coughing & scratching, the change was almost immediate with no more rhinitis & eczema clearing shortly afterwards. Thanks so much!"
J. Jennings - Little Mountain, Qld

"It has definitely made a big difference to sleep quality!"
R. Pytel
Croydon Nth, Vic.

"Since putting your covers on my mattress & pillow. I am waking up with a much clearer head."
M. Reece
Hawthorn, Vic

"Fantastic product! I have referred onto many friends. I know my kids are safe from dust mite and have seen improvement in my sons severe eczema."
S. Hopgood.
Bilambil Heights NSW.

"Fantastic service, superior quality product, highly recommend for anyone suffering with allergies/asthma."
M. Daniel
Bellbowrie, Qld.

"Excellent! Instant reduction in eczema."
S. Nguyen
Lidcombe NSW

"My baby’s eczema condition improved greatly after fitting his mattress with AllergEnd"
Susan Mou
South Strathfield, NSW

"I am not joking. I have spent 12 months with severe fatigue & after putting on your dust mite covers I feel like I used to feel - normal! If you suffer from fatigue, get a test & if dust mites are your problem, get these covers".
Willoughby, NSW

"Feels good"
M. Clarke
Auchenflower, QLD

"They’re great - thank you. Helps out a lot"
Name witheld
Mawson Lakes, SA

"Comfortable, snug fitting, my daughter loves it!"
Karen Picton

"Quick delivery - very happy"
R. McGee
Golden Bay, WA

"My daughter used to constantly sneeze in the mornings but now she doesn't’t sneeze at all and I consider myself to be a very clean freak. The covers have definitely made a difference."
C. Murry
Agnes Water, QLD

"My 13 year old son suffers with asthma & allergies and is on several types of medication. Since purchasing AllergEnd Plus products his symptoms have improved. We haven’t had any eye infections or red eyes, the coughing has reduced significantly & breathing through the nose is easier. Very happy and would recommend highly."
R. Hargrave
Hughesdale, VIC

"Very comfortable and easy to put on, excellent mattress cover."
S. Coates
Clareville, NSW

"After only a short time I can notice the difference. Excellent product!"
M. Doyle
Glengowrie, SA

"Quality product which has exceptional finishing & one less thing to do on a regular basis for my son who has a diagnosed dust mite allergy.
Some additional comments I wanted to pass on:
1: Hassle free ordering - took all of a minute and received it by 7.45am the next day and we don’t live in Sydney metro area
2: Well set out brochure with good basic information. Good idea sending additional copy with order so I could pass a copy on to my friends. Fantastic product and assistance from your staff!"
L. Moore
Linden, NSW

"Nice feeling cover great that it can be tumble dried."
H. Moore
Rivervale, WA

"I like the fact that it’s made from a natural fibre. It is light weight and not noisy."
E. Woodward
Springwood, NSW

"Excellent service and the product looks the goods and fits well."
J. Studdert
Dromana Vic

"Excellent response to my order, ordered on the net one day, on the bed the next! Well done!"
A. Saccardo
Rosslyn Park S.A

"First night I noticed the difference."
L. Lockwood
Nth Narrabean.Qld

"Products all feel soft and luxurious and fit beautifully. Excellent delivery time."
M. Jessup
Portland. Vic

"Very happy so far - comfortable and no sneezing."
R. Haynes
Naracoorte S.A

"I have stopped sneezing and coughing when I go to bed, which is great."
C. Hawken

"It actually works! Now my wife and I can sleep better at night, thanks AllergEnd!"
W. Shi
Haymarket NSW

"I got it and it works really well. We had a good sleep which we have dreamed of for a long time. Thanks for the efficient service. Plus that once I covered the bed and quilt with your products I can feel the air is so much fresher immediately"
J. Wang
Brighton-le-sands, NSW

"Great product, highly recommended!"
W. Shi
Haymarket, NSW

"My son suffers from chronic hay-fever & has a dust mite allergy – he only had your products for a fortnight and they seem to have helped tremendously – wish I’d got them earlier!!"
Mrs L. Russell
Mt Eliza, VIC

"Our son’s skin is clearing up beautifully after having the protective covers on for say, 4 weeks!! V. happy."
Mrs C. Lawrence 
Kellyville Ridge, NSW

"100% reduction in feeling irritated in bed, 90% reduction in itching in bed as well."
M. Bonnici
Templestowe, VIC

"Absolutley love them, we bought the complete set, stopped itching the first night. Will definitely recommend them. Just a bit pricey."

J. Minopoulos - Melton, VIC
"Generous fit, easy to put on, excellent service."
B. Brown
Berkshire Park, NSW

"Thank you for helping people feel better. Your materials are really strong. I will not hesitate to recommend your name to other asthma sufferers."
K. Dell’Anna-Tsironis 
Camberwell, VIC

"Quality product, well made, efficient customer service, will recommend products to family and friends."
Mr R. Caithness
Gladstone Park, VIC

"Nicholas has chronic eczema; the itching at night has certainly decreased in a short amount of time."
P. Freeman
Belgian Gardens, QLD

"We are very happy with your products & thanks for the special order of the extra big pillow cover"
Therese Steley
Mudgeeraba, QLD

"Your products mean the difference between my daughter getting a full nights sleep or Not!!! Which is important for the WHOLE family."
E. Higgins
Boambee NSW

"Our daughter suffers from severe eczema and until fitting Allergend Plus hadn't slept right through the night. What a saviour this product is. Our whole family is better for it."
Mr. R Sinclair-Smith 
Narrabundah ACT

"The products are excellent and delivery is second to none."
Mr. R Gange
Rooty Hill NSW

"Thank you for the wonderful customer service we received."
Ms. S Darby
Warabrook NSW

"My daughter has had her covers for over a year. The results have been commendable."
Ms J Wilson
Erina NSW 2250

"I suffer from Rhinitis and have put up with the pain and headaches for 15 years.
The pain was gone the first night I used Allergend. Thank you"
Ms K Chilcot t
Montana Tas 7304

"Not only has the cover made a world of difference with my son’s dermatitis but your service has been wonderful. Thanks so much!"
Mrs R. Churchland
Gladesville NSW

"AllergEnd Plus has a beautiful luxurious feel to it, Iike top quality sheets-not at all like a therapeutic product. Your employee who phoned me about my order was extremely knowledgeable, courteous and helpful"
Mrs. M Clark
Chelmer QLD

"I had months of sleepless nights and itchy dry eyes until I started using AllergEnd Plus. I now have a perfect nights sleep free of the red irritated eyes I once was accustomed to. AllergEnd Plus is also beautiful to sleep on."
Ms S. Drever
Melbourne Vic

"Very comfortable to sleep on"
Miss B. Kleerekoper
East St. Kilda Vic

"The new cotton product is great because I have a mild polyester allergy as well. They have been very beneficial and helpful"
Mr. M. Loket
Churchill Vic

"Absolutely love the product. I have never slept so well."
Ms. R. Kerr
Parkdale. Vic

"Love the feel and quality of your product, AllergEnd Plus. "Best one on the market" I think. Tried others before and didn’t like how some were "furring" after a while."
Ms. M. Stow
Langerville NSW

"I cannot believe the difference Allergend has made to my life. I sleep so soundly I feel like a new person every day I wake up! Added bonus is that it is so comfortable to sleep on, it feels so luxurious."
Mrs G. Moody
Kensington S.A

"Quality of mattress & pillow covers looks good. Excellent service-next day delivery!"
Mrs. S. Beverley Wynn Vale S.A

"I am both pleased with your service and product. Both my 13 year old son and myself both claim to have benefited greatly since our beds and bedding has been enclosed in you AllergEnd Plus products. Our night hours are now much more restful."
Mrs. M. Stait
Kelso NSW

"Have started using the products and they are doing the job!"
Mrs. W. Smith
Highton Vic

"Quality and fit were excellent and I was extremely impressed with service I received while ordering over the phone and the extremely short time it took to receive my order."
Mrs K Beard
South Penrith NSW

"I find your product soft and it's not noticeable when it covers bedding (re sleeping) It has proved very helpful."
Mrs. D Clarke
Clifton Springs

"I think the quality of your products is excellent, and I love, that they are 100% cotton."
Mrs Elliot Reservoir Vic

"Great, fast service, good telephone advice."
M Fisher
Naremburn NSW

"The covers are comfortable to sleep on-not lie a plastic cover and have greatly assisted our daughter’s eczema."
Mrs. L Joyce
Cremorne NSW

"Like natural materials preferably. Product very effective."
Mrs. G. Mee
Balwyn Nth.

"I am extremely happy with the products and they have made a great difference to my son’s allergy. I ordered via your internet website and the service and delivery was very prompt. Thank you."
Ms. J. Cooke
Gladstone Qld

" My daughter has sensitive skin and my Doctor recommended your product. We are pleased to know that she has improved after using your product. This is the 2nd time I am getting this order from you. Thanking you for the wonderful products. I hope your products will help others in the future."
M Thurairatnam Kings
Langley N.S.W

"I had never slept so well until I got the bed covers – they really help."
Ms B. Kleerekoper
East St. Kilda

"No more waking in the morning too tired to get up!
Significant effect on asthma systems"
Mr. J. Hepburn
Killarney Heights NSW

"So far her sleep (baby) has been better with all the measures I have put in place her eczema has gone."
Beryl Parfait
W.P Hills NSW

"I have used the covers for 1 week now and I love them, they are so comfy plus they are helping my eczema."
K. McCarthy
Burwood Vic

"So far so good. Much better nights sleep Not so interrupted."
D. Sciardi Carseldine

"After 1 week of use I can already notice a difference in my sons skin."
K. Smith
Buderim Qld

"I would not have believed how instantly my two boys noticed the difference, they both had a better sleep uninterrupted and no sneezing. Thank you so much. " 
Mrs. Nicola

"Certainly feels/seems more comfortable than the old one"
S Dean,

"My daughter stopped coughing within 24 hours of using the mattress protector and Pillow cover. Great result!"
Mrs N Reichenbach,
Gosnells WA

"Product great - overnight scratching has stopped. Fabulous service - next day delivery!!"
V Leith,
Heidelberg VIC

"Been using pillow, mattress and doona covers for a month now - and has made bedtime a pleasure - rather than a stress"
I Martin,
Devonport TAS

"Have had product in past. When I delayed replacing product my daughter’s asthma escalated"
R Papalia,
Canning Vale WA

"Noticed a difference after the first night"
S Steiner
Potts Point NSW

"Took pillow cases on our trip & accidentally left in remote northern Thai Village!!"
R Berrington
Wilsons Creek NSW

"Mattress covers are very effective and postage is prompt"
J Wilson
Erina NSW

"The mattress cover is amazingly easy to apply"
Ms M Allaway
Sorrento VIC

"Like the fact that it’s pure cotton, with no coating"
D Jeffrey
Newport NSW

"We have used these products on our own bed and they are great"
A Black
Lane Cove NSW

"Protector is very soft and fits very well"
G Andresakis
Henley Beach SA

"It has had an immediate effect – bedding has been on for two nights and our 8 year old son has not woken up itching and uncomfortable.”
K. Crocker – Glenelg East  S.A.