Symptoms of Dust Mite Allergy

Do you have a house dust mite allergy?


If you are experiencing any of these symptoms (particularly at night or first thing in the morning) it is highly likely you have a dust mite allergy.

  • Asthma (wheezing at night)
  • Eczema (atopic dermatitis) 
  • Scratching in bed
  • Stuffy nose at night
  • Post nasal drip
  • Sneezing
  • Feeling tired and lethargic
  • Year round hay fever
  • Dark rings under the eyes
  • Itchy, red, watery eyes
  • Perennial allergic rhinitis (year round blocked stuffy nose)
  • Itchy skin rash
  • Constant runny or blocked nose 
  • Dry coughing at night or in bed

What can be done?

One of the most effective ways of instantly reducing exposure to dust mite allergens is the use of impermeable dust mite covers over the mattress, pillow and quilt/duvet.

AllergEnd Dust Mite Protective Covers are designed to create an efficient barrier between the allergy sufferer and the house dust mite allergens that trigger the allergic reaction.

Asthma, eczema and rhinitis symptoms can be greatly reduced by reducing exposure to the house dust mites' allergen (mite droppings). If a dust mite hypersensitive person can avoid contact with high concentrations of mite allergens their symptoms can be greatly reduced.