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Single EasyCare Set


EasyCare System - An AllergEnd Innovation

Whats Included?

  • 1x AllergEnd Plus Mattress Cover

  • 1x AllergEnd Plus Easy Care Fitted Sheet 


  • 10 year life expectancy
  • 4 year warranty

  • 3.7um pore size, 100% cotton fabric 

Mattress Size:



AllergEnd Plus EasyCare Mattress System

What's Included?

(1x) AllergEnd Plus Full Mattress Cover with zip

(1x) AllergEnd Plus EasyCare Fitted Sheet

How is the system set up?

 1. Place the AllergEnd Plus zip up mattress cover on the mattress - hot wash yearly

 2. Place the AllergEnd Plus EasyCare fitted sheet over the AllergEnd Plus mattress cover - hot wash every 8-12 weeks

 3. Place your normal Fitted Sheet/ bed linen over the AllergEnd Plus EasyCare fitted Sheet - wash every week

How does the system help?

  • The AllergEnd Plus Full zip up cover only needs washing once per year when covered by the AllergEnd Plus EasyCare Fitted Sheet

  • The AllergEnd Plus EasyCare Fitted Sheet is washed every 8 weeks - easy to remove, wash and put back on

EasyCare Fitted Sheet Sizing - one depth fits all (some thinner mattress may require tucking under further) 

  • Single approx 40cm wall
  • King Single approx 40cm 
  • Double approx 40cm
  • Queen approx 50cm
  • King approx 50cm
  • Super King approx 50cm​

Already have the mattress cover and would like the EasyCare Fitted Sheet? Call during business hours to order over the phone - Free Call 1800 656 484

Note. This 2 piece system covers the mattress, the AllergEnd Plus pillow and quilt covers are still required for maximum allergen avoidance.

Feel free to contact our office with any questions about the EasyCare System 

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